Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday 121210 Bear Went Over the Mountain

In creating the programming for the coming week, here is an overview of the process:
  • outlined a template for this 6 day week based on our current cycle (are we de-loading? testing? going heavy? recovering? ramping up? tapering?)
  • balanced out the ratio and timing of strength/power lifts, high cardio movements, weighted and bodyweight and high/low skill activities
Then I went through the WODs you all submitted and:
  • looked at movements suggested vs movements we "need" to accomplish
  • played with the types of schemes/structures of formatting like intervals, partner, AMRAP/AHAP/EMOM, rounds for and NOT for time
  • cut and pasted/picked and choosed, slashed and burned, blended and mixed, added and subtracted, bent and twisted, melted and formed ideas from each of your suggestions
  • tried to pair down on the high number of chippers to include some triplets/couplets :)
  • addressed the overwhelmingly HUGE volume you all wanted to inflict on yourselves/others! WOW- you all really were looking to beat each other down this week:)
Hope you look forward to DOING these WODs over the coming week

Based on your submissions, here is what I learned about the group as a whole:
  • As already stated- you love a good beat down (though you can certainly thank me later for saving you from yourselves)
  • You love to open and close WODs with running and/or rowing
  • You love ground to overheads with bumper plates
  • You really really like to go heavy (more than light and fast)
  • You really like those chippers
  • A few of you wanted to completely cardio out.
  • You liked the idea of coming up with WODs- lots of contributions. THANKS!
This still-shot doesn't capture the mid-thigh speed wobbles.  300#+ club.

*Wednesday 9am class this week will be YOGA, beginning at 8:30am. 
The change is for this week only.  All other classes run as scheduled*

Monday's WOD: classes at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm 
The Bear Went over the Mountain
For time:
400m run
10 Handstand pushups 
20 Front squats 60/45kg (taken from floor)
30 Bear went over the mountain burpees*
20 Front squats 60/45kg
10 Handstand pushups
400m run
* (1rep= 1 back burpee w jump/clap, 1 air squat, 1 front burpee jump w/clap)
Thank you Jason and Tom for your contributions to this WOD!
Post finish time and scaling to journals/chalkboard


  1. I don't like to think of life as a competition, but after today's wod
    The score would be
    Wod =1
    AC =0
    AC's legs = default

  2. Way more fun than I thought it'd be!