Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday 130222 Friday Fun Day

As the weekend falls upon us- are you preparing to do something fun outside?*  I hope so.  It seems like every couple of weeks I write a blog post that is related to getting out into the "real world" and doing something active and fun.  A way to not only express the fitness you have, but also as a way to go outside and play.  To refresh the batteries, connect with nature and simply be physical in a way that is not a "gym" type of way to be physical.  Not work, not a work out, just fun.  Does Rich look like he knows how to have fun?
Way out there in West Malibu, Rich heads eastbound at County Line
***Of course consider starting the weekend at CFMalibu on Saturday morning**

Friday's WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm
Warm up and then 10 solid minutes of hip mobility work
Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy 3 rep Touch and Go clean (squat or power)
no dropping weight, even the last rep must be lowered slowly to ground
For time, complete:
400m run
21 push ups
21 DB swing (50/35# dumbbell) ...that's not a typo
300m run (same direction, turn around at wooden electric pole)
15 push ups
15 DB swing (50/35# dumbbell)
200m run (Artifac Tree mail box)
9 push ups
9 DB swing (50/35# dumbbell)
Post heaviest 3 rep clean and metcon time/scaling to journals/chalkboard.

WOD Notes:
  • T and G cleans.  Clean it.  Lower to top of deadlift position.  Touch the ground and GO. Repeat.  Lower to the ground under total control.  This is training, not testing.
  • PUSH the run!  Especially if you feel like you take a break on the run- push it.  Rest between push ups
  • Dumbbell swings... haven't done them in a few years.  Work on that grip strength, a new balance point.
  • Regular push ups... but as you know- keep the elbows tucked in, close to the body.  Full ROM!

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