Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday 130207 5 rep Clean and Press

The medicine we take is rather potent.  It is quite the norm to enter the Hut and hear stories of soreness.  It is difficult work that creates some mental and physical suffering.  How many days in a row is a good idea?  Early CrossFitters following the "main page" tend/ed to go "3 on 1"off- that is three WODs in three days and then a day off.  The main page is still programmed that way- they give you three workouts in a row and then the following posts indicates "rest day."  However, CFM programs 6 days a week.  So when should you rest, when should you train?  Good question.

Volume of training will vary quite a bit depending on how long you have been doing CrossFit, what your goals are (competition vs health/fitness), other life stresses and time commitments.  If you are new to training with us, you might find that you are pretty sore most of the time.  This will diminish after a few weeks, afterwhich you can expect to be sore less often- following 1 in 3 training sessions, more or less.  There are certain WODs that ellicit a greater potential for soreness than others and while I won't elaborate now-  try and see for yourself which movements result in higher degrees of soreness.  Of course, following a week of rest, you should expect to become sore again following your first WOD... which is reason enough to keep coming back!

So, how many days each week?  Most start with 2 or 3... and then hover around 3-4, depending on many things: the rigor of the programming that particular week, how much recovery you are getting (good sleep and good food are key to quick turn around), how many outside activities you are doing- many CFMers do other things; tennis, running, surfing, mountain biking- which is highly encouraged as this gives a domain in which to express our fitness.  You can also try various combinations of work/rest.  Try 2 days of training and one day off, then 2 on and 2 off.  This points to one thing: experimentation.  See what works for you. 

Mike, clean. Part 3 in a 4 Part Series.

Thursday's WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals at 8am.
A paralette shoot throughs
B air squat
Squat clean and press/jerk
work up to 5RM squat clean and press/jerk
(reset for subsequent clean within 3 seconds)
6 Minute Finisher
Max reps of each movement:
2 minutes Double unders (singles NOT OK!... better to get DU one at a time!... think CF Games Open!)
2 minutes KB swing (go heavy)
2 minutes Dead hang pull ups
Post tabata to tabata score board, post 5rm to journals/chalkboard.  The finisher is for personal growth:)