Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday 130318 5 Rounder Each for Time

Back at the top of the week once again- in this third week of the CrossFit Games. You are likely (and hopefully) getting into the rhythm of this 5 week cycle of programming and for all you WLCers- you have made it over the 50% mark... definitely feeling the rhythm of that by now.
Daughter/Mom WOD.  Dulcie and Gaby
Monday's WOD: classes at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm. 
Strength class at 6pm. 
Technique work OHS- no rack 
Practice: Clean to push press to back squat rack position, set up OHS grip and push press behind neck
- then- 
Overhead Squat
10-10-10, start moderate weight and gradually increase weight just a bit 
5 rounds, each for time of: 
Two times through-
Single squat clean with 2 reps thruster 
Barbell push up, 4 reps 
Supine ring row, 6 reps 
(One round equals 4 thrusters, 8 push ups, 12 ring rows) 
Rest as desired between rounds 
Time each separate round, add time of all 5 rounds to get one final time. 
Barbell weight at 70% of 1RM clean

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