Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday 100127 CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

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Yeah!  Kendra is back.

Our first CrossFit Total WOD within a group class.  We will use the entire hour working thru "up-to one repetition maximums" for each of these 3 lifts.  SO: I encourage you to get to class early, begin warming up and be ready to stay attentive and completely focused on the lifts.  Here are a few things I want you to be aware of during the hour:

1.) KNOW approximately what your goal will be for each lift.  How do you KNOW?  Look back thru your journal and find the numbers you lifted for each exericse.  Best to use the 5,3, and 1 rep maxes for each.. but even if you have only done deadlifts in a workout like Mr Joshua (last Friday)- AT LEAST you will have a target for where you will begin the deadlift portion of the CrossFit Total. Have your journal out and write down each weight for each lift AS YOU GO!

2.) If you are not relatively sure of your 1RM for each lift... today will primarily be a technique day!  This does not mean that you will ONLY use PVC or an unweighted bar, BUT the MOST important issue is doing the lifts correctly- developing your sense of bodily awareness & control for each movement (kinesthetic awareness).

3.) Watch others lift!  Keep the focus on the movements.  Limit side conversations and comments; spend a lot of energy developing your critical eye.  Notice differences in set-up postitions, body shapes and sizes.

4.) Help change weight.  While respecting the concentration of those lifting and staying out of danger zones around the platforms- facilitate adding and removing of weight.

5.) Manage your time well.  Be efficient in taking turns lifting, waiting on deck, and recovering.  There will be 3 to a platform.  A lift takes only 10 seconds, removing weight takes only 20-30 seconds, getting set on the platform only takes a few more seconds. Each minute or so- someone should complete a lift.

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