Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday 100611 5k Run

Run a 5k for time.

Take off from PCH and CrossCreek down Malibu Road, run hard for 15minutes headed towards 24616 Old Malibu Road.  If at the 15 minute mark you haven't reached this address (1.55 mile mark-halfway point), turn around and get back to the starting line in at/under 15 minutes.

Post time (or address of turn around point) to chalkboard/journals.
Compare to 0408 and 0309
Many people signed up for Friday classes- GREAT.  We can see by how much you will PR in the 5k run.  Nice that you all sign up in advance- because attendance will be taken at 9, 10am and 5pm classes!
It is going to be a great day to run.


  1. Are you suggesting we might skip Crossfit because its a run?! :-) See you at 5. ~Stephanie

  2. Ryan 19:46
    Kyle 21:30

    What it is to be young and fit!