Saturday, August 28, 2010

SUNDAY WOD 100829 Row, Run, Paddle

What: A special Sunday WOD to prepare for the CrossFit Sports Series in Newport Beach... no SUP experience necessary...  though important that you are comfortable in the ocean. 
No lifeguards are on duty.

For Time, complete:
2,000m row
400m run
800 meter stand-up paddle in the ocean
400m run

Where: Kristin's house  located at 31885 WEST Sea Level Drive in West Malibu, 2 miles past Trancas, park at the western-most end of Broad Beach Road and walk around the corner to her house

When:10am-12noon, this is not really a "group WOD" We will run rolling heats.  You show up, warm up, practice a little on the SUP and 3...2...1...GO!  Practice at SUP will go on first and then we will run heats as people are warmed up and ready to go.

Bring: Towels, sunscreen, a wetsuit, food and water for yourself, swimsuit and change of clothes

Provided for you: the equipment- rower and stand up paddleboards/kayak and life jackets

Call me if you have questions.  Call Kristin if you need help with directions. 805-218-5717

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