Wednesday, December 15, 2010

101216 Thursday- Karen, Tom Reflects on Spartan Race

150 Wall Ball Shots for time
20# medicine Ball
Post time and weight to journals and chalkboard.

Our friend Tom Reflects on his experience post-Spartan Race
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I did the December 12 Spartan Race and had a blast. Yeah, I wasn't feeling healthy going in, it was weird to be paying money to run, and there were guys wearing bedsheets running the race. But I signed up because I wanted to try something physically challenging outside CrossFit to see what would happen, and I wanted to do it with my CrossFit friends.

Looking back on the day now: Hanging out with fellow CrossFit Malibu-ites was -- as always -- a good time. And it was really fun to watch the team and Mike and Kendra blow away the steep competition with good old-fashioned work and heart (and because Mike and Kendra are cyborgs). But perhaps the most important lesson of the day was how "doable" it was. Yeah, there were stretches of hard work, and I got to a couple of the obstacles and thought, "Wait, for real?" But as CrossFitters, we experience that feeling every single WOD ("I can't believe it's only round 3 of 5, I'm going to die, dying isn’t allowed, just keep moving") and suddenly the obstacle is behind you and you're thinking "That's all?" No mud puddle or climbing wall compares to a pile of burpees or dumbbell thrusters.

So in the end, was it worth it to pay someone else to let me run? Here’s the deal: Having a real finish line gives you a weird energy burst, even if you aren’t trying to “win.” The course and obstacles were well-designed and genuinely fun, even if created by guys wearing bed sheets. And finally, it’s hard to put a monetary value on that feeling of taking on things that you’ve never even seen or tried before and beating them more easily than you’d expected thanks to a workout program that already pushes you outside the envelope on a daily basis. Sometimes to see what you’ve been accomplishing in the box, you need to get outside the box!

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  1. Well said Tom. You convinced me to sign up.