Saturday, March 19, 2011

Games Open Update

Lots of great action today at the Hut!  Tons of heart, amazing grit and determination along with strength and power with Open WOD #1- Double Unders and Ground to Overhead.  As we suggested.... this is pretty much a double under workout.  Because of so many technical glitches CrossFit HQ has decided to give everyone another week to complete WOD #1- which means 2 things:
The Sad news- we won't get to see a new workout until the following week...
The Good news- an extra week for everyone to register and for those that missed the chance- do the WOD
The Mixed new- another shot at the WOD to improve your time!  UGH.

Open WOD #1 (double unders/power snatches) will be available to repeat/do for the first time on Tuesday at 6pm... text to schedule!

Read here for the official decree.

See you Monday...

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