Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday 110517 Clean

Once again we feature young William on the blog.  We're at the tail end of lacrosse season and in a recent game he tried his hand as goalie.  As you can plainly see in the incredible photograph that his father took- he made the save.  He completed the most important job of a keeper.  William stopped the opponent from scoring.  YES, you can completely forget about the closed eyes, the turned head, the lowered stick AND the fact that he make the save with his crotch.  HE GOT THE JOB DONE :)  On that particular shot anyway. 

We know that long term, he will have to learn to keep the eyes open, bring the hips square to the shooter, and put a piece of that stick on the ball.  Progressing through and mastering complicated gross motor skills like driving a golf ball, cleaning a barbell or catching a lacrosse ball takes time and effort, practice, and attention to detail.  While the end result is very important, it isn't always the MOST important piece. 

Celebrate a PR in a deadlift or power snatch but reflect on the movement.  How "clean" or "pretty" was it?  Was it graceful and smooth or "herky-jerky"?  Did it feel ugly.... and if so, it probably looked ugly.  Stringing together a few kipping pull ups or putting together two double unders doesn't mean you have conquered the skill.  Getting your first muscle up is a great accomplishment, but developing more strength and power to get the movement down pat in a dead hang muscle up is even better.  Remember we are striving for solid mechanics, consistently.  Then intensity.  So keep practicing the movements... and let's hope you don't catch too many of them "where is counts."
Excellent save William!

Tuesday's WOD
3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
Post loads to journals/chalkboard

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