Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuesday 110621 3 Rounder

Check out the wall ball shot party below.  While I typically post pictures up on the blog that demonstrate solid mechanics and proper form- occasionally there is a photo that reveals some fault in movement or positioning that shows an athlete blurring the line between high intensity and proper mechanics.  In today's picture you can see all 4 athletes working incredibly hard during last week's "Kelly"... all of whom are exhibiting solid mechanics in movement.  Ben and Aaron- on the far left and right- have weight in the heels, hips sitting back- receiving the ball ready to go full depth in the squat (which they were doing!). Kendra is correctly driving through the press using the legs- with fully extended hips, rather than relying on arm strength.  Calvin has hit the exact height requirement, with the middle of the ball striking the very top ridge of the container.
Ben, Calvin, Kendra, Aaron- nail the wall ball shots during "Kelly"

Tuesday's WOD
Three rounds of:
9 Ring Dips (or 3 muscle ups for those who can)
15 Burpee manmakers (20lb dumbbells)
21 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters
Post time to journals/chalkboards.

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