Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wednesday 110608 DB Strength

Luke comes out of the woods after a few weeks and goes on a reign of terror with the C&Js!
Luke's cue for the session was, "Stick It"-landing the jerk.
Wednesday 6pm strength class: Deadlift class with Ondrej
Wednesday WOD: as posted in a CFM member's journal from 101208. (Quiz: Whose journal is it?)
Rest as needed between rounds. Post loads for each round to journal... like this person did!

On Tuesday I could not remember if we did Hang POWER or SQUAT cleans for this WOD on 101208 so I decided to check someone's journal... someone that I specifically remember doing this WOD... and what do you know- this very diligent athlete recorded the necessary detail so that they/we could replicate the WOD precisely! (*I edited their entry because I know they did 30# DB, not 30kg DB!)


  1. No....TRACY! It's gotta be :)

  2. Detective work...It was a Wednesday. Who combines handwriting and print in the same sentence? Who would round up to kg in their own journal? Who can't read their own writing? Who could do 20 pounds more now? Must have been a technical day.

  3. I know who it is :) And let me tell you.... at first blush you might be surprised.... then you will think, oh, ya, of course.... and then you will think .... WOW. SHE IS STRONG !