Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thursday 110707 Row Intervals and TGUs

Wednesday night strength WOD had a STRONG opening for the month of July.  Newcomer Jason established a solid start.... new to the movement and nailed 90kg on his first time out; quite a showing!  Scott, Mike, and Damon pushed into the mid-70s, Dr Deb PR'ed with a 50%+ increase over her previous best and Manny worked on his technique with the split.  Each Wednesday they will work on technique and strength assistance exercises to push those numbers up.  Monday strength nights will be Cleans.  Once July is over- we will hold a Thursday night Clean and Jerk contest/exhibition for everyone... a time to get that CrossFit Games atmosphere going... and give everyone a chance to share in the increased strength and power.
Word on the street is... another south swell is on the way.  Summer is here.
Thursday's WOD
3 Rounds for time of:
Row 1000m
Rest as needed between rounds... and practice Turkish Get-ups.
Post 3 Row times to journals/chalkboards.

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