Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday 110909 Power Clean

Ah- a clean chalkboard.  All ready and waiting to fill in with a Weekly Habit- a statement that I (you,we) will commit to with 90% (or greater) certainty that I (you, we) will be able to succeed.  About 20 CFMers have written their names in a box.  They have made a statement that they will be a part of the Fall Fitness Fiesta- a holistic approach to Be Better.  The first focus of the Fiesta is a developing the Habit of committing to a certain number WODs each week.  How many WODs can make habitual? How many can you commit to? Remember- this is at a confidence level of 90% or more.  If you think it will be TOTALLY easy to get to 3 WODs each week, but 4 is a complete stretch.  Then simply commit to 3!  You can always hit that 4th one if things go right... and you will still be in compliance with the Habit that you have written down if you "only" make 3.  Tracking compliance begins this coming MONDAY- so if you haven't heard what you need to hear to get involved... ask someone whose name is on the board!
Friday WOD- Classes at 7,9,10am and 3,5pm
Power Clean
Post loads to journal/chalkboard.

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