Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monday 110912 DB split snatch and push ups

We kick off the Weekly Habit today!  How many WODs/week will you attend in this first week of the Fall Fitness Fiesta?  You can see those who have joined the Fiesta by claiming a square on the chalkboard- and have made it public what they are making habitual beginning this week.  It is a statement that, "I am 90% confident that I can make X# of WODs (for me x =4) this week." You can track this throughout the week-then next Sunday night- in THIS SPACE, you will click on a link that takes you to the Weekly Report Form ... the way we will track compliance.  We are kicking it off... and it is NOT too late to join!
KQ gets her first rope climb!

Monday's WOD; class times at 7,9,10am then at 5,7pm   Also a 6pm Strength class with Ondrej!
Seven rounds for time of:
40 pound dumbbell Hang split snatch, 10 reps Right arm
7 Push ups
40 pound dumbbell Hang split snatch, 10 reps Left arm
7 Push ups
Alternate feet in the split snatch sets.
Post load and time to journals/chalkboards.

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