Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday 110926 box and bells

It's Monday... so on to the Fall Fitness Fiesta weekly habit announcement and report.

"I will make a habit of drinking X ounces or liters of water daily"

Now would you please take a few seconds to click here to report compliance for week 2.

Next time at the Hut, please go to the accountability board- if you did the number of wods in week 2- give a check mark... If you took your vitamin and fishoil for week 2, give a check mark. Then, write down your commitment for habit 3- how much water you will consume daily. Thanks...YOU are on top if it!
Curt on the back 9.  North Lake Tahoe Country Club.
Monday's WOD... Class times at 7,9,10am then 5,7pm-- strength class at 6pm
1 minute max reps push up test
18-15-12-9-6 reps for time of:
Box jumps 24/20"
Kettlebell swings 1.5/1pood
Post push up and WOD to journals/chalkboard.

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  1. Hey Curt! Looks like yer back is doing great! The decompression
    musta worked!