Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thursday 111208 A Ted WOD

Today we are going to do one that Ted would like...We lost our friend Ted 2 years ago today.  Ted worked hard building and constructing things.  He liked to lift heavy and labor under difficult loads.  His name comes up often at the Hut- as we dedicated the 2 pood kettlebells to him- named them in his honor.  His name comes up more frequently while drinking coffee after a workout or over a beer at a barbeque.  Today we will do some heavy thrusters.  Then we will drive the sledgehammers and labor under the load of the 2 pood kettlebell.  After the 6am WOD we will talk about Ted over coffee.  And then likely have a beer after the 6pm WOD... and talk about Ted.  Join us at some point.
More of a fisherman than a runner... Miss you Ted.
Thursday's WODs; 6am and 9am, 4pm and 6pm.  OnRamp class at 5pm.
Sledgehammer and 2 Pood KB work.

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