Monday, March 26, 2012

Tuesday 120327 Snatch skills and Tabata

As we progress into our Post Open training... please pay attention to a few items.  1.)When one of your personal weaknesses comes up in a WOD or strength set, get psyched up for the opportunity to improve.  That improvement might be made by increasing mobility, by altering scaling or by moving up in weight without regard for increased time it takes.  We KNOW that with specific attention to weaknesses- they improve, and MAGICALLY they just so happen to appear in Games WODs.  2.)Weight- we will be going heavy more often.  And more often when considering whether or not to go with the "14 or 16 pound medicine ball" or with "50 or 60kg push presses"... go UP.  Of course, check in with your coach AND your ego.

Do you see any of YOUR weaknesses posted for today's WOD?
Wife and husband...going synchronized on chest to bar.
Tuesday's WOD: 6 and 6am, 4 and 6pm.  Kid's class at 3:15pm
SKILLS practice- power snatch, snatch balance, overhead squat
Tabata WOD, 8 Tabata Sets of:
Handstand push ups
air squats
supine ring rows
dips/ring dips
Post total reps for each movement and lowest rep for each movement to journals/chalkboards.

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