Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesday 120321 5 Rounder

BIG THANKS go out to Lee, Alison and Whitney for hosting the Sunday Run and post-party breakfast.  The food was excellent AND plentiful and the company was great.  Thanks again for having all of us over to the house.  (by the way, that was your 2012 home visit:)  AND wow, never really new that I was a mimosa fan until our CFM trail run series began... and what do you know?!  The mimosa has somehow become the "Official Post-Run beverage of the CrossFit Malibu Trail Race!"  Look for the next Series Run coming soon.
Way to go... 8th in the world and one WOD to go!
**Today we learn of WOD 12.5!  Stay tuned for the 5pm announcement!**

Wednesday's WOD: 7, 9, 10am then again at 5pm... 6pm Mobility class.  7pm OnRamp class.
1-1-1 Weighted Pull up OR simple Pull up warm ups- some deadhang, kipping, butterfly, chest to bar.
Five rounds not for time of:
5 DB Deadlifts 50/30#
5 DB Power cleans 50/30#
5 DB Squats 50/30#
5 DB Push presses 50/30#
Rest as needed between rounds

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  1. Laurie is AWESOME! We are all so PROUD!