Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday 120410 Wt Pull ups and Max Reps in a 6 Rounder

Here is another edition of "Make or Miss" brought to you by last week Friday's Squat Salad WOD.  Three different lifters, on 3 different lifts.  Reply to comments of whether you think each of these were missed or made.  Extra points for those who can back up their opinions with some mechanical explanations that lend testimony to their educated guesses. 
Alex, F squat at about 90kg, make or miss?
Carolyn, OHS at 25kg for reps, make or miss?
Mike, back squat at 115kg, make or miss?
Tuesday's WOD: 6 and 9am, then again at 4 and 6pm.  Kids class at 3:15pm.
5-5-5 Weighted pull ups (start 5 rep sets after 3-4 sets working up to heavy)
For 6 rounds, 2 minutes to complete;
10-15 Unbroken** Wall Ball Shots, 20/14lbs
10-15 Supine Ring rows
Rounds 1-3=Max rep power push ups to a 25/10kg plate in remaining seconds/minute
Rounds 4-6=Max rep double unders in remaining seconds/minute
30 seconds rest

Second round begins at 2:30, third round at 5:00, etc
**2 burpee buy-in upon each broken wall ball shot.
Number of reps (10-15) depends on CrossFit experience/ability.
Post total number of power pushups, double unders AND burpees to chalkboard/journals.
Example: 43/83/4.


  1. I bet that all 3 made it! Why, in my educated CrossFit opinion? Because y'all look hard core. And everyone seems to have a rigid neutral spine, lifted chest, and knees driven out. But mostly the hard core thing.

  2. I am going to have to go all three hit those lifts. The logic: all three are doing different types of squats, but all three have rigid spines tight cores and knees driven out. It is just crossfit excellence at its finest.

  3. You are right about the first two. Pretty solid positioning on all three... the reason that the last guy missed his back squat?... Just not strong enough! :)