Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday 120525 One Mile Run Test

Great turn out at the Hero WOD "Rick" in Santa Monica last night at Muscle Beach... an Event coordinated by Austin and the Santa Monica Police Activity League.  A crowd of SWAT, police and fire department officers as well as CrossFitters from Culver City, Dog Town, Torrance and of course MALIBU!  A great event for a good cause.  Don't worry those who missed out... this is an annual affair and Austin will keep us informed.
CFM knows how to show up and work hard for a good cause
Jo demonstrates how the toughest part of "Rick" is done.
WOD Overview:  Today is a run test... plain and simple.  After a general warm up and some specific run drills, you will have 2 attempts at breaking your 1 mile run personal record.  Realistically, you have the best shot at this on the first try.  So go for broke, leave it all out there.  Worry about round 2 during the rest period... and take your time resting.  Don't go out too fast, push the pace over the bridge, push the pace again over the bridge on the downhill section.  Cruise past Starbucks on the way back and fight to maintain the speed.  At the Civic Center Road intersection you have just 200m left... GO!  Post the fastest of your 1 mile run times to the white PR board. 

Friday's WOD: classes at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm
2 rounds of:
Run 1 mile for time.
Rest between sets as needed... until FULLY recovered.
Route:  begin at the Hut... out to PCH, turn left (be aware and careful of traffic around the Shell station), cross bridge, turn around is at the SECOND light pole past the bridge... head back FAST!
Post times and scaling to journals/chalkboard

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