Thursday, July 12, 2012

All About Laurie

Some info for Friday's CF Games event
*neither comprehensive nor precise... but all we have to go on now.
Tons of info about the Games on the official site.... read more here.
An official CFG tweet, sweet!
Look around for the TENT CITY... it looks on this map to be south of the Masters arena... and NOT in the parking lot!  The closest entrance to that area is the Limited Ticket Entrance, though you can easily access the TENT CITY through the main entrance.  CFM will have a white tent and a green tent.  We have a BIG RED CFM banner.  Also you can get CFM stickers and tattoos there too!  We have been informed that food coolers are totally fine to bring in: stash your cooler at our tented area.  We have a few yoga mats... bring chairs, blankets?  Your call.  Lots of vendors for food beer and gear/

If you are picking up tickets... box office/will call seems to open at 7am.  Be aware that since TENT CITY seems to be INSIDE the arena/ticketed area, you will not be able to collect tickets from people at that location.  If you need to get tickets from someone... make sure you have their phone number. (Mike will be unavailable by phone from 8am until roughly 9am.:)

Laurie's first event is SCHEDULED to begin at 8:30am.  She is slated to be in the first heat, right off the bat.  That means her first and second WOD will be OVER by 8:41am!  Read that again... get up early, get to the Home Depot Center early, get in the Masters arena early.  See the theme? :)

Laurie's second event is SCHEDULED to begin at 2pm.  This will be a heat of all 20 female 60+ athletes... yes ALL 20 at once!  If all goes on time- she will begin at 2 and be DONE by 2:15.

Nelson 66 shirts.  Ollie will be in charge of giving out shirts to those of you who ordered but have not picked them up.  They will be at our CFM tent in the TENT CITY area. Please let Ollie do this for you... there is a very intricate record keeping system, thanks!  We can wait and collect money at the Hut on Monday.

Thanks Ollie and Jason and others for getting the tent set up.

Interested in start times for masters on Saturday and Sunday?  Look here.

**Will add to THIS POST if more info becomes available.  Please help by sending info you have about the weekend!  Thanks.

Fellow 60+ athletes.  Laurie and Jill (Spealler's mom)


  1. Tent is set up in tent village. The map that mike linked to is correct. We parked in D parking for $15. I think that is the best parking. It was a 600 m walk. We are 8 ft away from the masters workout area. If you find that, you will have found us.

  2. Wish I could have been there. Proud of you Laurie!!

  3. I have a number of tickets for Saturday and Sunday. The tickets will get you into see the masters workouts and the track workouts. They will not get you into the arena. Text me if you are interested. Free


  4. At this point it looks like Laurie will be competing in the stadium tomorrow morning at 8am.

    - Heather & Rob

  6. Burpee + muscle ups = à dark dark place