Monday, August 6, 2012

Tuesday 120807 BS and AMRAP

Anyone interested in competing in an online "throw-down competition"?  It closely resembles the CrossFit Open- with only a one hour time commitment!  You would register online on your own, we will run the series of WODs just like we do on our typical End of the Month CFM Open.  And since we are taking the month of August OFF (ie- we are NOT running a CFM Open in August)- this could be the way to fuel your competitive tendencies.  We will run the series of events on Saturday during the 10am class on August 18th.  You would NOT have to register in order to participate that day- but if you want your scores to be posted and compared to the greater online world- then pay up the $7 and crush it.
Ken and Manny battle it out in CFM Open IV.

Tuesday WOD times: 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am.
Back Squat, 5 reps
Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes, at 80% of 1rm
We will take about 8 minutes to work up to that weight before clock starts.
As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
7 KB swings 24/20kg
6 Knees to elbows
5 Burpees with touch to pull up bar (or roughly 5" above standing reach)
Post BS weight and AMRAP rounds and scaling to chalkboards/journal.


  1. So I know "post BS weight" means Back Squat, but that's not how I read it the first time. Who's lifting B.S. weights? GO HEAVY PEOPLE!!!!!

  2. Nice work gentlemen! And Manny that is a sweet "farmer's tan" :)