Friday, February 15, 2013

Whole Life Challenge Begins Today!

Saturday WOD schedule:
7am Trail WOD... meet at Bluffs Park parking lot- dressed ready to run, etc (if you are doing the 9am prelim WOD, do not show up for this workout!
9am Prelim WOD at the Hut- a one hour long class
10am Team WOD... the usual Saturday WOD at the Hut
**no yoga at the Hut today**
Sarah and Jordan put in reps for their WLC pre-test baseline.
Whole Life Challengers: READ THIS!
Watch this NOW.  It will answer A LOT about the first day of the WLC.  Also get used to reading through the WLC blog (of course in addition to our own CFM blog!)

Now that you have watched the video... a few reminders:

  • start the WATER INTAKE "lifestyle challenge" today!
  • input your baseline scores into the system... we will validate them
  • develop a system of keeping track of your daily points
  • type in a daily reflection 5 days in a row to get bonus points
  • you have until 9 pm to input scores for the PREVIOUS DAY (ie- for Saturday's score, you will input it by Sunday at 9pm at the latest!... develop a habit around when you do daily score input!)
  • Food questions/logistics issues/generally confused...?  click here  Poke around, find answers

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